Welcome To Hardings Marine Railway

264 Branson Cove Road
Coles Point, VA

804 472-2698

  • basic hull repair (wood and fiberglass)
  • 50+ ton capacity
  • Routine Maintenance – topside and bottom painting

hardings marine railway

About us
Located on Branson’s Cove off the Lower Machodoc in the lower Potomac, Harding’s Marine Railway was built in 1950 by Ernie Harding and Captain Garnett Belfield. In 1980 Breezy Harding, son of Ernie Harding and grandson of Captain Garnett took over. Over the years Breezy has made many improvements including a rebuild of the facility in 1992. While routine boat maintenance and repairs are the bulk of his business, Breezy’s specialty is the restoration and rebuilding of wooden boats.

Breezy and the Railway were featured in the National Geographic documentary “Chesapeake Borne“. This 1986 film is shown on PBS stations from time to time.